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Posted on: 10 September 2012

In my previous blog post I said that there’s no point setting up a Facebook page if you’re not going to use it. A lot of veterinary clinics that I work with are still a bit unsure about how to best use Facebook for their business. When this happens, I try and spark some creativity. One point I like to emphasise is that it’s important to remember that your clients may well be interested in your business, but it’s not ALL they’re interested in!

When people come into your clinic building, you engage with people about a number of things – be the weather, what they thought about the Olympics, or what they’ve been up to at the weekend.

Although it’s important to focus on things relating to the vet, when creating content for social media platforms, it’s also fun to mix things up. You may even find you get a better response by varying your content.

Here are a few ideas for engaging with your veterinary practice clients on Facebook:

  • Get permission and post a photo of a cute pet that has come in to the clinic. Talk about the animal’s symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Tell a story and link it to your blog
  • Talk about the latest dog toys – quite often someone will see the Facebook photo and come in and purchase the toy
  • Run polls – everyone likes getting involved! Just make sure the poll question is simple and quick to answer. You can ask your clients if they like a new product or even your new logo
  • Promote services of the veterinary practice. If you offer free dental checks, publicise this!

If you want to try some non-business ideas, here are a couple that I’ve had success with:

  • Current events – such as the Olympics. Ask your clients which events they went to
  • Local news – it’s really good to support your local community. Your clients live and work in the area and will be interested to know what’s happening locally. Talk about local arts, restaurants, culture or events. Promoting other local businesses builds goodwill and in the future they may well return the favour

I’d love to know what you’ve found that has worked for your veterinary practice Facebook page. Which type of posts get the most response?




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