About us

Vet Voice is a specialist consultancy, which was established to bridge a gap in the field of veterinary communications by supporting both vets and pet owners.

Whether you’re a busy veterinary clinic, a publisher, broadcaster or global FMCG in animal health care we are experienced, friendly, flexible and able to meet your needs with a network of handpicked specialists allowing breadth as well as depth in the services and information we provide.

Founder & Director - Zara Boland BVSc BE MRCVS

Originally embarking on her professional life as an engineer, Zara first gained corporate and project management experience with global firm Ove Arup & Partners. She then retrained as a vet, winning a number of academic awards along the way and now possesses the dubious ability to fully apply Newton’s Laws and the Principles of Torque to veterinary car trauma victims - as well as to the car itself!

Zara’s passion for and expertise in engaging and building trust directly with pet owners sprang from her diverse clinical and commercial experience. This included small, mixed and exotic animal practice as well as 4 years employment with global FMCG Nestlé Purina as their veterinary communications manager for the UK & Ireland.

With a proven ability to act as veterinary spokesperson talking about the real issues affecting our pets today, Zara is equally at ease delivering a professional business lecture at a vet conference as she is on TV speaking directly to pet owners. She also continues to practice clinically and is a regular contributor to various veterinary and consumer facing publications.