Vet Zara talks about the new wave in advertising

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Posted on: 08 May 2012

Vet Zara talks about the Bakers dog food TV advert developed specifically to appeal to dog's ears, live on BBC World TV news programme "Impact".  Afterwards she discovered that it streamed live to a potential global audience of 300,000 MILLION viewers...eek!


Comment made by SuperTED on 15 May 2012

Very innovative commercial, it's fun to see the dog look up at the TV when a dog food commercial comes on, very clever. Zara looks great and sounds very professional, she should be a keynote or guest speaker!  

Comment made by The Vet Voice Team on 16 May 2012

Hi SuperTED and thanks for your comments! We too think it's an innovative TV advert and a fun and engaging concept for both dogs and their owners to enjoy together. We'll pass your comments on to Zara too and see what we can do to get her more involved in keynote or guest speaking or indeed if you can assist her breaking into that field yourself let us know! Many thanks again & we hope you enjoy browsing around the rest of the blog entries and the website.  

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