How to body condition score your dog or cat

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Posted on: 14 May 2014

With so much talk about human and animal obesity, it can be hard to work out if your pet is at the right weight or not. The PFMA recently launched their nationwide 'Weigh-In-Wednesday" campaign in the UK, which was tied into a local pilot scheme to bring communities together to help tackle the problem proactively under the banner of #GetPetsFit. There's loads of top tips and tools to download from, but if you think you may have a weight issue on your hands, then the first step is to get hands-on and check your pet's body condition.

Watch these short 3 minute video clips by vet Zara, produced by Purina and now also used by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association in their veterinary nutrition toolkit  (  to demonstrate how you can do this at home today:

Dog Clip


Cat Clip



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